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Field Testing New G.Loomis GLX

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Field Test Report August 8-9th 2012
GLX JWR Casting
Received the new GLX JWR’s on Monday. Meetings kept us off the water for a few days but our weapons were laid out waiting for battle.

Day #1
Wednesday was hot. Load up time was about 1:00pm and it was 93 degrees. After weighing the rods and inspecting them for balance and fit and finish we were off for the first testing afternoon. First test was balance, casting, and overall fish ability.
These shots are for everyone who thinks we are fishing out of extravagant boats!! It’s about the tackle not the boats!! 15’ Gregor rental boat done deal! I bet the rods and tackle cost more than the boat.

We fished Lake Mission Viejo. Also known as the concrete pond. There are huge fish in this lake they just don’t really want to bite on bluebird sky 93 degree mid day heat. So we opted to fish deep and slow to really rely on our senses and to test sensitivity. Most guys are fishing 20 feet or less. If we can feel it in 45 feet then it ought to be easy in shallower!! Figured this was the best way to start since GLX is known for sensitivity. We fished 35-50 feet of water. Believe it or not there is grass all the way down to around 40’ since the water is so clear. Dan caught one on the first drift out of the deep water. Not a trophy but it was the first bass on the final GLX JWR prototype 894.

We caught 7 or 8 dinks in all on plastics and chatter baits. Had a couple swamp donkeys following the boat towards the later hours of the day but didn’t get them to bite.

Day #2
“The Snake”= a small reservoir in So. Cal that has 22 members. Some people have been on the waiting list for 15 years. Damn it’s good to have friends!!

We started at 4:00pm. Wednesday was hot but Thursday was hotter. It wasn’t so bad on the water but the sun was intense. This is the place we had a chance to fish all the rods on all the target baits. Swim- jig/Chatter bait/Jig/Texas rig worm/Ika/underspin/ as well as some crazy new secret stuff that Dan always seems to come up with and know about.
We started off drifting the launch bank and Dan had 3 fish before I had my first bite. He usually beats me pretty good. But it makes me try harder and I always learn from him.

I reminded him that we needed to fish all the rods so he should put that one down. Which meant my turn to fish that bait on that rod. I had one my first cast. Then put it down. The GLX 895C JWR was insane for the swim-jig.

Looks like a beautiful waterfall! What you cannot see is the 24” pipe buried in the rocks that feeds this tiny reservoir. The water turns on and off and when it goes on it is like a dinner bell. Usually a jig pitched into the torrent and tumbled across the can opener type rocks results in thump and thunk bite after bite. But not on this day. I take full responsibility for shutting it off after I got broke off after the first pitch when I did not have sufficient strength fluorocarbon on. 12# is not enough!! She was there and since we never saw it she was huge!! Woops!

The water was down about 12 feet since the last time I fished here. The bulk of the dam was exposed.

We drifted the opposing bank to the falls and got quite a few short bites and made a few actually count. Most of the bites came on the chatterbait and swim jig. Dan was OCD about catching one on a 10” worm but couldn’t get it done. Which was great! Gave me a little time to catch up. He usually kicks my butt and was definitely up on me plenty by this time.

As it got later of course it got better. Swim Jig and chatter, chatter and swimjig as well as the jig and then the bladed baits. Dang it was fun!!
They got more active as the night went on and we put together about 25-30 fish for the 2 of us for the afternoon. Which is pretty darn good.
The last fish of the evening went nuts on this new concoction that Dan was fishing. Lot’s of short bites until this one committed suicide on it 4 feet in front of the boat. Guess he had to have it!!

We are headed back to the snake tomorrow morning!! We plan a full-fledged assault on them!!
Cheers JPOE


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August 13, 2012 at 9:40 pm

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Creating Dreams and Memories !!!

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Here is a little story we thought we should share from one of our good friends that had an epic trip out for Marlin. Enjoy!!

I have to tell you a little story and it is in reference to a quote that Jim made to me at our dinner out in Irvine in Feb…I think the quote was (or very similar) “ Our job is to create dreams/memories of a lifetime”

Well you did it again this weekend!

I had a variety of people down over the weekend that had either never fished before or never caught a Marlin before….before the weekend was over each of them released a minimum of one marlin a piece with some able to release 2….overall 12 Marlin were released over the weekend and new memories were created for each….just ask Chrissy from our Denver Team as she was one of the lucky ones to release two Marlin!

But we were not done yet…..

As we were drifting and cleaning up the boat from a triple release on Striped Marlin my Captain starts screaming and right in front of the boat is a HUGE Swordfish feeding … to the bow and a quick cast and I was hooked up on a Sword…Time of Day 2pm Saturday. After three times to leader and just out of the flying gaff’s range…Just after a nine hour stand up battle and into the darkness of the Sea of Cortez the leader finally broke and at 11 pm the fish (the crew est. over 400lbs) had won the battle, but I was fortunate enough to have… the greatest fishing memory of my life….and the sorest muscles of my life as well! Finally back to the Marina at 1:30am on Sunday!

Many memories and dreams were created or fulfilled aboard Maybe Manana this weekend…..and THANK YOU to each and every one of your employees that helped make our dreams and memories possible!


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April 4, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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Team Shimano Catch and Release 1st California Marlin of the year!

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 Friday August 12th

All week we have been hearing about mixed reports about Marlin sightings and marlin hooked and lost all around our local waters.  It’s not that there were a bunch, but a handful in the weeks prior.  Some confirmed and trusted, however some not.  But Robby and I were itching to get out and go looking for a marlin!!  We spent the better part of Wednesday and Thursday thinking about where we would start and what our game plan would be.  By Thursday afternoon it was looking bleak!  The water looked ok but there were no apparent breaks or signs of big volumes of life!

 Robby Picked up Tracy Melton and Jason Levine on his way to the slip.  Everything started on time and A-OK.  We loaded took the covers off etc etc.  Pushed back and eased the boat out of the slip.  We are very careful with the new boat!!  It’s a beautiful 32 SeaVee with twin 300 Yamahas.  It’s an incredibly nimble sturdy and downright fishy boat!!

 We grabbed a few Mackerel out of the receiver tied to the front of the slip.  They would go into the chop chop so we could make some fresh ones!  Headed out front to make some Mac’s on the pipe.  Drove around looking for what seemed like forever.  Caught 1 mac on the pipe.  Uggggg.  Headed up to the red buoy caught 2 more.  This was ridiculous.  After 2 hours we had chopped 2 mac’s to catch 4 fresh ones.  This was not cool!!  We usually do not leave with less than 20 in the tank!  But at that rate we would have never left!

 We pointed the boat towards the 267 which is 12 miles from Dana Point.  Eyes peeled it was flat calm and easy to see.  Typical morning some birds and a few little bait breezers.  A small pod of common dolphin looked like they were just traveling.  We came across a substantial current break and the water jumped from 67.7-68.3 which in our water is plenty to make things happen.  It blued up a lot also and there were thousands of jellyfish riding the edge of the break. 

 Tracy and I got the jigs out and our drop back bait all rigged up.  Robby and Jason were in the tower.  Robby was driving from the upper station.

 20 minutes later I leaned over to check the drop back bait and make sure he was still green and not all blued up!!  (They like the green ones better).  Thant’s when I heard Jason yell.  “I Got one, I Got one, I Got one”  Robby confirmed in his gyros and hit the throttles and we were haulin &#% right at the fish.  I ran up to the bow with the caster and a mac pinned on.  Lobbed an underhand 50 footer right in front of him. 

 The fish sunk out and the bait ran fast out to the West.  Whack Whack I knew he billed it because the line went totally slack!!  Then it ran hard.  I put it in gear and pointed the rod right at the fish.  Game on!!!

 He was a caught fish after about 10 minutes.  Meaning we touched the leader!

 After that he put on a fantastic show.  Jumping and greyhounding away from us!

 Catching the first one of the season is the best way to start!!

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August 15, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Family vacation with a little bit of field testing!

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July 22-July 30

Family Vacation with a little bit of field test.

We arrived at Cabo airport at 3:00pm in the remnants of hurricane Dora that were passing bye.  It was a bumpy landing to say the least.  My boys thought it was fun!  The wife not so much!

My parents have a place that was my grandfather’s that was willed to them 3 years ago when he passed.  It’s an incredible spot on the beach in Los Barriles.  It’s an hour north of the Cabo airport and it is where I became infatuated with fishing.  It is heaven and shares the bay with the Van Wormer resorts that are world famous and with a bunch of gringos that have accumulated there over the years.

When we got to town it was still blowing 20 knots and my father hadn’t put the boat back in yet after the storm.  So we went swimming in the pool.

Monday we woke up to a flat calm Sea of Cortez.  It was just hissing at us in the dark.  We put the boat in after a surf fishing journey.  We cast Wax Wings for an hour on the beach as the boats picked up their daily passengers.  The score was 2 Lady Fish landed and 2 needle fish.  Everything is new to the boys and they still enjoy anything that pulls back.  Especially when standing on the sand!!  Darn lady fish are tough to land.  If you stop winding for even a split second they are gone!!

Monday we launched the boat at 9:30. Set the anchor and headed back in.  The boys were all sun screened up and ready to roll.  So we packed the ice chest and went fishing.  I asked them what they wanted to catch.  Finally at 8 and 9 years old they agreed on something.  “Marlin”

We put the jigs in 6 miles from the mooring and within 30 minutes had our first striper on the stinger.

They took turns.  Grandpa helping Troy with the rod and cranking his arms off.

Blake was next.  Neither Grandpa nor Dad turned the handle once!  They had him boat side in 10 minutes.

Perfect size fish for them about 90 pounds!  I wasn’t going to hang him upside down like I did when I was 11 and I caught my first one.  My first one was a different time.  I told them we release all Marlin unless they die.  They were happy to do it and have a picture to remember it forever

The next day was another pool day.  This time we went to Martin Verdugos and had a great time floating around in the pool and Lyla swam (Splashed) for 2 hours.  She is a little fish

The next day we fished for Tuna.  We struck out after 20+ miles of searching for the spotted dolphin!!  Made me feel better that no one else found them that day either.  Good to know I’m not blind!!  We did swing in and get enough Dorado for dinner at Calafia.

The last day was Saturday.  The boys were upset the night before because they didn’t want to leave!!  I did the same when I was there age!  My buddy Greg loaned us his panga for a morning session.  We Headed over to Flat top in the bottom of the bay and trolled for a wahoo for about 40 minutes.  The kids got bored or I would have kept hunting!!  But glad we quit and decided to slide in and try to catch some dorado.

We slid into the zone and as I was dropping the second jet head back it got eaten as I was setting it into the rod holder.  2 seconds later we had a double!  The boys were yankin and cranking.  I through the Wax Wing down the center of the wash and a Dorado exploded on it the minute I turned the handle!!  So awesome!  I swear Wax Wings are Dorado crack.  We had a swarm of 20 or 30 Dorado around the boat for the next hour as we teased and played with them with the Wax Wings.  We let every fish go that wasn’t wounded or foul hooked!!  Had a couple get the jig in the gills and one in the head so those went to the crew at the park.  Awesome fish!

Got to say it was the best family vacation ever!!  Everyone had a great time.  Got to say it was nearly impossible to leave on Saturday when you had this took look out and say goodbye to.

Until Next year!!!  JPOE

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August 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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Fishing On The New SeeVee With Dave & Jimmy.

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Fished today with Dave and Jimmy on the new Sea Vee.

 We decided no excuses yeah it was going to be rough.  Yeah it’s cold and White Seabass never are a sure thing.

 I met them at Dana at 9:10 after the kid’s open house.  Yeah I never do things easy!  I was 10 minutes late.  I was that guy Uggg! Stole a few passes of squish from Jimmy’s buddy a few slips down.

 It was downright nasty to the east end of Catalina.  We made good time thanks to the SeaVee.  Got to the secret spot at 11:30.

 Metered around and saw a few worms but that isn’t uncommon!  They show themselves on the meter just to piss you off sometimes!

 Dropped the pick and slid back.  Jimmy was on before he got his second rod in the holder!  12:05 am!

 Nice but not big 17-20# fish. On the slider circle hook kelp cutter rig!  I was still getting my wind on leader untangled in the dark!

 Got the 1/2 oz 7/0 lead masters head tied on pinned on a squid cast 20 feet.  I like fishing it in gear on the fall!  Hit bottom lifted once lifted twice and the darn thing tried to tear the rod out of my hand!  This was our best fish of the morning!  30# on the Boga.  We limited out in less than ten minutes.  At the time of meeting our allotment we had 3 going and a river of fish continued to flow under the boat until 2:05am. 

 It was the best Sea Bass fishing any of us has ever seen! Best thing was we were the only boat there!!

 We left our spot before the sport boats came around the corner so they saw and heard nothing!  They drove past the mark and continued up the back.  They know it better than we do but still something special about not fishing in the parking lot squid grounds with the fleet!

 We tried to catch a yellow at day break but didn’t have the right conditions!  So we packed up and roared home at 30+ kts to Dana!

 Awesome breather before meetings in Japan next week!  We needed that!



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June 6, 2011 at 10:16 pm

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2011 Int. Sailfish Tournament Zihuatanejo Mexico

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Dear Shimano,

Im writing  to tell you about the 2011 International Sailfish Tournament that was held in Zihuatanejo this last April 29,30 and 1st. The event had a record breaking 210 boats entered to fish the 3 day tourney. There are boats coming from all parts of Mexico to fish this tournament solely because of the prize money and vehicles that are given away.

My father in law had been fishing this event for 26 years and had never won or placed in it. I told him that I would come down with some of my equiptment to try out and give him a hand to see if we could put a checkmark on his bucket list. It worked and now he’s a happy man. 

Team Final Round which is our name finished in 2nd place to take 13,000.00 dollars for largest fish for saturday and a new Ford F150 pickup for placing 2nd overall. We gave the truck to the captain and it was a wonderful feeling to see the expression on that mans face. He deserved it for all the hard work that he did . There was a total of 13 fish caught during the 3days out of the 210 boats, so needless to say it was tough fishing and he who had the best eyes was rewarded. Our Shimano Tiagras made the job effortless along with matching rods that took the load with ease.  I cant say enough about how comfortable I felt knowing that my angler had the best equiptment in his hands to tackle the job. Team Final Round will never fish with anything other than Shimano Products.

Thank You again for making such an incredibly well balanced fishing product.  


Joe Russo..Team Final Round

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May 13, 2011 at 4:13 pm

G.Loomis Factory Tour

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May 10th

Met with the boys and had a factory tour.  They have a whole new understanding of the term Hand Crafted.  Then I was off to a personal brush up Spey casting lesson from Steve.  He is truly an amazing caster and instructor!!  I was casting 80-90 feet by the end.  I didn’t even hook myself in the face or make Swiss cheese out of my waders.  Spey casters who can remember back to when they were still learning remember this.  Steve put on quite a show with seemingly effortless 200 foot casts! We ended the day as expected.  A big barbeque feast of ribs and brisket a la Willie. The Boys are off to catch their first Smallmouth Bass tomorrow followed by a Sturgeon derby the day after.  I hope the weather cooperates for them!  It was beautiful today mid 60’s and sunny about 20% of the time which for the NW is a lot!  People were running for hats and sunglasses.  My perpetual raccoon eyes that never seem to go away are not the norm up here.  I keep telling them the family pictures in front of the Christmas tree look better that way!  They usually just shake their heads at me.



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May 11, 2011 at 7:37 pm